Fire Stop

Houston Fire Stop Services

firestop-4.jpgIn the case of a fire, fire stops are the first defense in protecting the lives of occupants. Properly installed firestops prevent the passage of smoke, fumes and gasses as well as flames and allow a safe passageway from the building. Most fatalities in a building fire are a result of smoke, fumes and gasses. Fire stops are designed as part of the overall rated construction to contain the fire and smoke to its origin. They retard the rate of the spread of the fire, smoke and toxic gasses.   

Fire stops are available in a range of products to accommodate the multitude of different types of penetrating items passing through the different size openings.

All firestopping should be done in strict accordance with local building codes. Materials must be installed according to published designs and per the manufacturers’ specifications.

Diversified Thermal has the required knowledge and expertise to select and install the correct fire stop designs for the most standard to the most complicated construction conditions. Contact Diversified Thermal about your next firestopping project.